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2013 Levy Summer Series, “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow:  Where have we been?  Where are we now?  Where are we going?”

  • Rabbi Hannah Greenstein, “Not your Bubbe’s Judaism (and what’s a bubbe?), Jewish Identity in 2013.”
  • Professor Rachel Buff, “DREAMing is Free?  Working for Immigration Reform.”
  • Jonathan Pollack, “From Sheepskins to Sheepskins, Scrap Businesses and Higher Education”.
  • Professor Tony Michels, “Whatever Happened to the Class of ’68?  The Jewish Student Movement andits Legacies.”
  • Professor Bob Skloot, ““Theatre of the Holocaust:  its Past and its Future.”
  • Professor Rachel Baum, “Hurray for Hollywood!  Jews and American Popular Culture.”

2014 Levy Summer Series, “Paths & Intersections in Jewish Life:  Journeys in Identity & Culture” 

  • Hannah Rosenthal, CEO/President of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, “The Jewish World According to Pew.”
  • Jody Hirsh, Director of Judaic Education at the Milwaukee Jewish Community Center, “Artists:  The Prophets of our Times.”
  • Rabbi and successful stand-up comedian Bob Alper, “The Spirituality of Laughter.”
  • Professor Jodi Eichler-Levine, “Green Judaism:  Approaches to Sustainability from the Israelites to Brooklyn.”
  • Professor Philip Hollander, “Levi Aryeh Arieli’s ‘Allah Karim!’ and the Forging of Israeli Identity.”
  • Rabbi Tiferet Gordon Berenbaum, “You don’t look Jewish! – Neither do you!  Re-creating a Culturally Representative and Inclusive Judaism.

2015 Levy Summer Series, “The Tree of Life:  Jewish Roots & Cultural Reflections”

  • Danny Siegel “There’s No Such Thing as a Small Mitzvah”
  • Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern “The Golden Age Shtetl”
  • Meryll Page & Leslie Adler “Jewish Luck”
  • Steve Nadler “Spinoza and Secular Judaism”
  • Jeff Blakely “Sennacherib, Emperor of Assyria, versus Hezekiah, King of Judah”
  • Mark Bloom “Prayticipation, Prayformance & the Prevolution”

2016 Levy Summer Series, “Locally Grown, Locally Sourced”

  • Professor Jordan Ellenberg “The Torah Code: Mathematics, Judaism, and the perils of wiggle room”
  • Professor Frank Tuerkheimer “Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust”
  • Sheila Terman Cohen “Wisconsin’s Jewish History”
  • Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann “Prayer as Revolution: Reclaiming, Repurposing, Restoring Religion for the next generation”
  • Rabbi Dena Feingold “Why Less is Sometimes More: Jewish Life in Smaller Communities”
  • Dr. Richard Davidson “Well-Being is a Skill”

2017 Levy Summer Series

  • Dr. Tal Elmaliach  “Jewish Youth between Zionism and the New Left, 1967-1973: A Comparative Look”
  • Professor Sunny Yudkoff  “A Tubercular Eden: Yiddish Literature of the American West”
  • Matt Bernstein and Gabe Carimi “UW Madison Football and Jewish Experience in Collegiate and Professional Sport”
  • Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy  “Jews on Broadway and in Hollywood”
  • Jonathan Pollack “The Roots of Jewish Community at the University of Wisconsin”
  • Professor Nadav Shelef “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Where do we Stand Today?”